Die Jungfrau (The Maiden) [1913] - Kiaroskuro
Die Jungfrau (The Maiden) [1913] - Kiaroskuro
Die Jungfrau (The Maiden) [1913] - Kiaroskuro
Die Jungfrau (The Maiden) [1913] - Kiaroskuro

Gustav Klimt

Die Jungfrau (The Maiden) [1913]

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KIAROSKURO canvas prints use high-definition Inkjet printing methods to retain the original brilliance and luster of the artwork you love. Artworks will be print transferred on to canvas material to mimic the real atmosphere of the painting. The artwork of your choice will be printed with a high-resolutionbrilliant color reproduction that is GUARANTEED not to fade!


*Please note all Kiaroskuro prints are made to order and due to high demand and limited staff, it will take 2-10 days for the order to be processed. Please stay patient while we work hard to process your order. Thank you!

*All Kiaroskuro canvas prints have a reserved 3-5cm blank white border around the printed area (the dimensions selected refer to the printed area, not the entire canvas). This is for ease of fitting if the customer chooses to stretch the print on to a wooden canvas.  

* All Kiaroskuro canvas prints are unframed and shipped in a rolled tube to minimize the costs of international shipping. This helps us provide affordable alternatives of everyone's favorite artworks that you can display proudly at home ;)


Material: 270gsm Polyester-Cotton Canvas

Medium: Epson Living Color HDX

Method: High-definition Epson Giclee Inkjet Printing


Packaging: Rolled Tube